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Director:  Jonathan Stimac

Producer:  Ryan Johnston

Genre:  Adventure, Comedy, Family 


A quirky caveman with a big heart sets out on a journey to find the family he loves, after they are mistakingly separated. On an epic journey to be reunited with them, he comes across an unusual traveling partner. A chicken! Spit and his new friend journey across gorgeous prehistoric landscapes while dodging many trials that come their way. Spit will stop at nothing in the hope of one day seeing his family again. This hilarious adventure of a Caveman and a Chicken is sure touch your heart, and is one to bring home to the whole family!

Spit - The Story of a Caveman and a Chicken

Directors:  Jonathan Stimac

Producer:  Ryan Johnston

Genre:  Action, Adventure


Three special op military brothers travel to a mysterious island to stop the famed "masked man," from taking over the island locals and rising to a greater more dangerous power. A self-described "passion piece" for Jonathan & Ryan, Cup was inspired by a real-life incident.

Quickly separated on the island the bothers stories interweave with an ensemble of colorful characters during their high profile mission on the enigmatic countryside. The island soon begins to play tricks on their minds and takes them far down a rabbit hole that was not expected. It will take all the courage & strength they can muster to find each other and defeat the elusive "masked man."

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